Leamington Books is a respectable publisher based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Leamington Books is not publishing any titles at the present time. From our past publications, look out for Burrito Deluxe by Joseph Ridgwell, Stealing Fire by Craig Sterling, What They Say About You by Eddie Gibbons and the One O'Clock Gun Anthology. Also The Supper Book by Peter Burnett.

Leamington Books' titles with BUY NOW links directly to the publisher, by means of PayPal.

    Burrito Deluxe by Joseph Ridgwell
    Stealing Fire by Craig Sterling
    One O'Clock Gun Anthology
    The Supper Book by Peter Burnett
    What They Say About You by Eddie Gibbons
    Cider Camp by Craig Gibson
    Border Thoughts by Jane Goldman
    Zen and the Art of Presence by Andrew Archibald
    Odium by Peter Burnett from Thirsty Books




The company was started in 2008 by Peter Burnett, Arlene Addison and Peter Duff, in order to publish and distribute Peter Burnett's unpublishable text The Supper Book.

No publishing project is active at present with Leamington Books. To see an accurate to the minute time stamp on the accuracy of this statement, follow THIS LINK (opens in a new window)



Leamington Books Ltd. was dissolved on 10/08/12 and Leamington Books trades as a sole proprietor company owned by Peter Burnett, and that is who you will be paying if you buy an / a / any Leamington Books publication(s).

Peter pays UK tax on all profits he may make from your purchases which is why you will find him file a tax return each year, some time around Christmas.